Edwin Roman


Edwin has spent his life in search of experiences which would expand his mind, deepen his consciousness and awaken his Spirit. His desire to learn and explore led him to study at The Monroe Institute in Virginia, USA where he learned to combine modern technology with meditation. He is a Reiki Master and uses energy healing to relax and revive the mind, body and Spirit. He is a certified Hypnotist trained at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in California which deepened his understanding of subconscious processes driving our every day lives; He is a Soul Coach, having graduated from Denise Linn's Soul Coaching Center in California, which further developed his understanding of the past-life regression.



Edwin's goal is to share his discoveries with people to help them to heal and expand their consciousness. As a Meditation Guide, Hypnotist, Reiki Energy Healer and Soul Coach, he hopes to help others break free of the cycle of repeated negative patterns and replace these processes with the positive manifestation of what they truly desire at a deep level of their soul.