Ilona is an amazing intuitive healer and channeller. She connects to highest sources of non-physical intelligence to receive information helping you to release energy blocks, to find higher level solution to any problem, to manifest a perfect health, financial abundance, deep love and friendship.

You are so close to your problems, that it is hard to see a deeper learning aspect of those experiences. Ilona can provide input from your Spiritual Guides helping to resolve any problem.

She is also a psychic artist and creates amazing auragraphs, that help you to visualise your gifts, spiritual life-path and potential future.

About Ilona

Looking at or meditating with auragraph creates extremely powerful connection with yourlife mission. You would receive detailed reading and painting with this information captured in the water colour painting. You can see an example of an auragraph below.

About Ilona


'I worked with many psychics and channellers, as I also train people in this profession. During our first session she connected easily to high level Spiritual Guide. Information she delivers is extremely accurate and helped me to improve my own life. Everybody could benefit from this knowledge. During one of sessions I connected to my Higher Self. My Higher Self said – it is a cool way to communicate... - and I fully agree with it. She also is an amazing healer finding solutions at an intuitive level'
- Edwin Roman