What is Altered States Meditation?

Altered states meditation is not just an another meditation technique. It assists in your personal transformation through ASM meditation. The transformation happens, because your release your subconscious blocks and consciously re-focus your mind. It happens in a very safe way, in small incremental steps. This gives you opportunity to decide what do you truly desire and we only assist you in this process, with support of Infinite non-physical Intelligence.

Altered State is similar to a dream. It is a natural state of mind, which is not explored very often, as our society is focused more on material values obtained using Ego. ASM allows your consciousness to expand, communicate with different aspects of who you are, discover the world existing at different vibrational levels. You exist at multiple vibrational frequencies at the same time and by changing your focus to a higher frequency you could safely explore it. You not only exists at a higher level of vibrations, but usually most of your energy is gathered there. Ego is just a mechanism through which an illusion of separation is created, to allow you work on your evolution.

During ASM meditation you may receive important messages from your Spiritual Guides, release energy blocks preventing manifesting what you desire, improve and deepen your relationships, open to new options in life and improve your health. It promotes very deep relaxation, healing and can speed up your personal progress on your life path.

I help you to enter Altered State by rising energy vibrations, which also happens when you listen to recorded meditation. This allows you to connect easily to higher vibrational states and after some initial training you can easily do it without any assistance. You connect to higher vibrational states using your intuitive mind, so it is important not to analyse what happens, but just to observe your experience as it unfolds. You can analyse it later after re-focusing back to the physical level.

In this higher vibrational state you can ask for help from highest non-physical intelligence, that is ready to assist you. However as you have a free will, you have to ask for help, before it could be offered. So often your Spiritual Guides are ready to offer their help, yet as you are not aware of this, you just work hard on solution in this physical world. It is much more powerful to pre-pave your path to success at the energy level, then just to struggle here alone.

During ASM meditation I work with highest spiritual non-physical masters, but you can choose who you would like to work with. The names are known through the history of mankind and often used in religious context, but in reality they have not much in common with any religion. Religion is a fixed understanding of what your life should be, based on some very strict belief system. All those non-physical energies are evolving, as we do. In fact as you have multiple streams of consciousness flowing though you at the same time, you also could have energy of Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangels, Buddha, etc. When you become more conscious about it, by focusing on this energy you can increase your capacity to heal, channel and transform this physical reality. Jesus stream of consciousness was flowing though Krishnamurti, but it does not mean he was the Jesus. He had to decide how he will use this energy and through his life he contributed to the evolution of this stream of consciousness.

Through the human history the Altered States were accessed using meditation techniques, fasting, sleep deprivation, drugs, hypnosis and even ritual suffocating and reviving the person. In modern history some new techniques emerged like binaural sound beats, sensory deprivation chambers, bio-feedback, modern meditation techniques and advanced hypnotic techniques. I studied deeply The Monroe Institute binaural beats – a scientific meditation method of connecting to Altered States based on work initiated by Robert Monroe. I had a pleasure of meeting him personally and I am very thankful to his pioneering work helping others to visit those states. It is interesting to know that old Tibetan bells have binaural beats encoded in them. There is always some connection from the ancient time to the future of human evolution.

Many people have amazing gifts to share with others just waiting to be discovered. In your past lives you might have had some unpleasant experiences working as a healer, psychic, or just simply having an opened mind. In one of my past lives I was starved to death, by teaching about Jesus energy, which did not follow the bible. Now it is the time to release that old fear of prosecution, as the world has moved forward and is ready for rising vibrations of humankind. In fact it is required to meet coming challenges and transformation to 5D reality.

I personalty do not support use of drugs for spiritual awakening, but I am not criticising other people life choices. Everybody has to decide what works for them. My simple reasoning is that use of drugs makes you dependent on external factors, usually requires increasing doses to reach a similar level of experience, which potentially could lead to significant health problems. It also does not support conscious, focused exploration of Altered States and just allows you from time to time to randomly touch the surface of this experience in practically uncontrollable way. You can reach much higher level of vibrations through Altered States Meditation, that will support your health, increase your awareness and can transform your life in positive way. As one participant said - "Altered States Meditation is like ayahuasca without the nausea".

When I mention control, I do not mean that you would control the results of ASM journey. I mean that you would consciously focus on exploring different aspects of ASM state accessible to you, without trying to limit the experience to fit your expectations.

Through this personal experience you could transform your understanding of who you are and where are you going on your life path. You could use it for healing, personal transformation and development, receive important guidance, release energy blocks and limiting belief systems. As you could safely and legally explore those states through ASM meditation, use of chemical substances is in my opinion not needed.

ASM allows you to enter a very deep relaxation state to connect to your spiritual centre. After releasing energy blocks in meditation, you might feel tired for up to 36 hours, but later it is replaced with increased energy and your capacity to avoid old patterns in your life is significantly improved. If you do feel tired, it is important to rest, drink plenty of water and allow the new level of vibrations to be settled.

ASM does not require any specific belief system, except your own trust in your capability to transform your life, asking for and receiving help on your life path from Infinite non-physical Intelligence.

For many years I worked in IT services, becoming a top specialist in database technology working for Oracle Inc. Global Consulting in USA. However I always was interested in working on expansion of consciousness through energy healing and meditation. During weekends I would conduct meditation and healing workshops. During my events I noticed that many people were entering advanced Altered States. I asked my spiritual guides what was causing it and they explained that I increase energy frequency, helping other people to explore the Altered States. This is how my own ASM meditation system was born, discovering all related details step by step.

I use hypnotic and meditative techniques to assist you in deep relaxation, aiming to remain fully conscious during your ASM journey. Each of you may have a different experience. Sometimes very deep and life altering, sometimes very simple, like relaxation, feeling energy flow, seeing colourful lights, etc. Each of us is on a different path. Therefore the results will be different. However if you keep practising with ASM weekly for at least a few moths, you will notice positive changes coming into your own life, increased enjoyment, relaxation, release of trauma and unhappiness, opening to unconditional love and friendship supporting you on your path.

As I worked with ASM I found that I could conduct remote sessions by phone, Internet or even just directing my intention and the person would experience the healing and the expanded state of consciousness. My goal is to share my discoveries with others, to assist them in reclaiming their own power to consciously create their life.

ASM does not require any indoctrination or belief system giving your power away. It is quite the opposite, it empowers you. You still need to accept assistance from the infinite non-physical Intelligence to help you on your path, as you have a free will, but it is not designed to impose anything on you. It is designed to help you with releasing energy blocks, limiting belief systems, opening to your own power that you often suppressed. For many people it might difficult to accept that they have to decide what they really want and focus on creating it. Our human logical mind would like to receive precise instructions - like take the bus 111 to a specific stop at a specific time and you will become instantly happy. When it does not happen, it is easier to see some powerful external force granting or denying you what you desire. Initially when you realise that you create your own experience, you might be a little unhappy about it. Why would you created those unpleasant events? As understanding of your own power replaces the past waiting for an externally created miracle, you realise that you might as well create what you desire. It is the same effort, just different focus to create what you want.

Please understand that details of your life path are created as you walk on it. There are some aspects of it that you pre-planned even before being born. However you could change everything, if you really wanted to. In my opinion it is better to focus on enhancing what you planned, as it may be already quite ambitious, rather then on rewriting the whole life script. But there is nothing that would prevent you from doing it, if you desire to do so.

One of common misconceptions is that your whole life path is pre-planned and some God like figure grants you or denies personal happiness based on your goodness level, creating conditions you encounter on your path. When you accept that you fully create your own life, it might initially be quite upsetting. Why would I create that? Why would I created all those difficult times? It does not matter why, it only matters that whatever was your limitation, you can transform it.

Many people would say it is not that easy to do it. Nothing is easy until you have done it. The first time you ride a bike, you simply fall. I don't think you can avoid it. I know a beautiful lady who after her first fall decided that she will never be able to ride a bike. It became her belief, therefore also became the reality of her life. Do you believe that it is possible for anybody not physically challenged to ride a bike? If yes, you can ride your bike, as you believe it is possible. The same situation is with your own limitations. If you change your thoughts, you will transform your emotions and your beliefs, which will change your life. The transformation comes from rising your own energy, not from externally granted circumstances.

I do not to touch you with a magic wand during my workshops to deliver to you whatever conditions are missing to make you happy. I just help you to enter a state in which you can create your own life the way you want it and release what does not serve you any longer.

Is there a guarantee that you will succeed? There is only one guarantee I know, that if you will not work on transforming your life, on reaching your highest potential, you will never be able to be truly happy for any prolonged period of time. Through hard work you may control some aspects of the external world to create temporary circumstances, that could make you happy for a while. You could buy a new car, house, start relationship, which might make you happy for some time. Those external conditions could deliver a feeling of love, friendship, security, happiness. However sooner or later the external conditions will change, as you really cannot control the world. You only can go with the flow of the river of life, doing the best you can to enjoy it. True happiness comes from the fact that you recognize your own power to create your life and also understand that nothing ever can be perfect and last forever. That life is like a balancing standing on a top of greasy ball. Like a helicopter pilot you might be successfully hovering over changing life conditions to enjoy your journey. Or you might be dropping to the bottom of despair trying to control yet another condition. Those are your life choices and whatever you will choose to do, you still will contribute to expansion of Universal consciousness through your life experiences. Some people worry that what they do in this life is not enough? By the simple fact that you decided to incarnate here, you presented your gift to the world. Your life experience and struggles contribute to expansion of the Universal consciousness. But you contribute even more, when you simply are happy not trying to control anything, just enjoying your life.

You will say again, it is hard to do it, but it is only hard until you do it. One day you will clearly see that simply there is no other valid choice and your life will become more than you ever dreamed to be possible...

You have the power to create your life the way you want it, but you also have an Ego. The Ego does not like changes and is mainly concerned with your survival. If you survived 30 years the way you are, it bets you can double it, if you wouldn't change. Ego will find many ways to prevent any change and will blame others for difficulties you create. It will point to you why you should not attend transformative workshops, will help you to select 20 different directions scattering your efforts, or just will state that you are too busy, or that you already have changed, so it is not needed. One of a very powerful tools Ego can use is fear. When you enter a higher vibrational state, you know that there is nothing to fear. That one day you will transform to enter another reality and whatever are your daily challenges until that time, you always can find a way to resolve them.
To progress in your personal development you need to make the Ego your assistant – helping you with your logical life tasks, but not being a master of your life direction.

Based on my experience, significant life transformation could happen over a few months when attending ASM workshops and practising with this meditation technique. Sometimes it might happen after a single retreat or after just a few private sessions. Many people attend one or two workshops, expecting that it will magically transform their life. You need a little bit of consistency and effort on this path, or you would just follow the Ego trap jumping into every possible workshop and without consistency you are continuously just searching for an elusive solution. You created your current life situation over many years and it may take a few months to change it.

The first step to transform your life is to decide what you want, the second is to focus on implementing it and the third one is to allow it to come to you. Release your subconscious energy blocks preventing your amazing manifesting power to materialize what you want in this physical world.

It is also impossible to be happy at the Ego level. The only option in my opinion is to live at the heart level, using the Ego as you helper, not as your master. This will transcend your Ego. Those changes will open new opportunities in your life to experience deep love, friendship, enjoyment of life, which will further fuel your energy manifesting your desires. You simply will be happy, independently from external circumstances and this in turn will truly transform your life.

Enjoy your life, as there is simply no better choice, be well, safe. happy, love and be loved...