What is Altered States Meditation

Altered States Meditation allow you to reach a state similar to dreams or using Ayahuasca or LSD. However as you do not use any drugs to reach it, you would have much better control over your experience. It is a natural state of mind, just not encountered often, as our civilization is focused on material values obtained using Ego and logical mind.

This state allows you to enter a very deep relaxation and to connect to your spiritual centre. The Universe is much bigger than this physical world and it also has intelligent, non-physical energy, that is ready to assist you on your path. However as you have free will, you need to ask for it, otherwise it cannot be provided. You also should choose wisely to work with highest intelligent energy accessible to you, by obvious reasons.

During ASM meditation I increase the frequency of the energy vibration in the room, helping everybody to reach a very deep meditative state. It can be used for healing, removing energy blocks, receiving messages from your spiritual guides and manifesting.

The Art and Science of Personal Transformation

Everybody wants to be happy, experience deep love, enjoy life sharing it with friends. But it is is easier to say it, than to accomplish it. If you look back at your life, you might notice repeated patterns, when you sabotaged yourself, denied your own enjoyment of life and just blamed the world for what has happened.

You have the power to create your life the way you want it, but you also have Ego. Ego does not like changes and it is mainly concerned with your survival. If you survived 30 years the way you are, it bets you can double it, if you do not change. Ego will find many ways to prevent the change and blame others for what you create. It will point to you why you should not attend transformative workshops, will help you to select 20 different directions scattering your efforts, or just will state that you already have changed. In this way you become a victim of circumstances you cannot control and the world is causing your suffering.

You have energy blocks that prevent you from experiencing many options in your life. Energy blocks were created through the power of your belief system. When you experience something, you start believing that the Universe responds to you in this specific way. As your belief is reinforced by repeated experiences, your belief becomes rock solid and replicates the same experiences.

You manifest your life through your beliefs, creating repeated thought patterns, which creates often negative feelings, which in turn is the energy fuel for manifesting your life.

When you understand deeper why do you have negative feelings, it is actually benficial if used properly, as your compass. This is a signal that direction you are taking is not aligned with your highest potential. Your inner being through negative feelings lets you clearly know, that you are on a wrong path. Use this information wisely to steer the boat of your life, rather than to suffer.

One of cornerstone of repeated patterns in your life are energy blocks. I found in my own practise that those blocks can be released in deep Altered States Meditation working with support of your spiritual guides. This is the first step supporting transformation of your life. The second one is increasing your awareness. If you will keep repeating the same thoughts as you do every day, you will recreate your energy blocks. To successfully transform your life you need to create new thought patterns, supporting a new belief system allowing you to manifest what you truly desire. When you dissolve energy blocks, your body may become extremely tired for up to 2 days. It is a perfect time to give it some rest to work on this change. Fortunately after this time your energy usually skyrockets and new options could open in your life.

Every type of energy has duality in this world. Love stick has also lack of love on the other end. When you work on manifesting what you want, pay attention where your awareness goes – to the lack of what you want or to the abundance of what you desire.

There is a number of techniques to work with conscious mind to create new thought patterns and I will discuss it during workshops. Altered States Meditation will allow you to dissolve energy blocks and combination of conscious and subconscious work has a very high potential to transform your life, to allow more abundance, love, friendship end enjoyment of life to come to you.

Based on my experience, singificant life transformation could happen over a few months when attending the workshops. Sometimes it might happen after a single retreat or after just a few private sessions. Most people are not fully aware of it and just attend one or two workshops expecting that it will magically transform their life. You need a little bit of consistency and effort on this path, or you can just follow the Ego trap jumping into every possible workshop and without consistency you are continously just searching for elusive solution.

The first step to transform your life is to decide what you want, the second is to work on implementing it and the third one is to allow it to come to you. When you have energy blocks, at subconscious level you prevent your amazing manifesting work to materialize in the physical world.

It is impossible to be happy at the Ego level. The only option in my opinion is to live at your heart level, using Ego as you helper, not as your master.