All you need is Love

All you need is Love


When I get into a funk my mind tries to convince me of all the reasons why I am where I am and why this is an imperfect place to be.  When mind begins to analyse it meets dead end after dead end, nothing satisfies it, for its purpose is to think, it will think you into infinity.  Today, as the haze cleared slightly and the veil had lifted, I suddenly had an epiphany..

"I am learning how to love myself no matter where I am"

In fact it really becomes about how you can see love wherever you stand.  Can you see it in yourself, can you see it in others, can you see it in the bird and the tree?  Do you have the desire to see love?  Seek and ye shall find.

Love is who you are at your core, the unconditional positive regard for all that is.

The contrast of love, is all that you experience as distasteful, it is the parts that you want to purge and separate from yourself, as though it has nothing to do with you.  But it does, it all has something to do with you, whether you like it or not, you are the Creator of your own life, therefore it will constantly reflect to you what you are creating.  When you find yourself in a funk, that is feeling a bit naff, no matter what you do you just cannot shake the mood, the only thing there is to do is to surrender.

Surrender to the moment by finding something to love within it.

Preferably yourself but if this is a challenge look for something, become the exploring child of your own reality.  As Abraham has previously said, sniff around a bit until you find what you are looking for.  And there's more.. you have to accept where you are at the same time.  I know right, the mind goes, "well how do I do that?" and the Being says, "look for it, sniff around to find a way to surrender to the energy that you are, as love."  Love attracts love, and love has no limits to what it can love, it is the mind that is limited through what it has been programmed to believe.

Loving yourself is about surrendering to your own vulnerability

When you do not know where you are or where you are heading this can be scary, it can be a trigger for the mind to begin to think and to fill in the blanks with 'things.' Spirit wishes to communicate that space is quite glorious; it is the place where all is birthed where something comes into being-ness, from nothing.

Dear Creative Being...

Find the beauty in every moment, find the bliss within space, when there is nothing around to grasp or clutch onto.  We advise that when you come into a cycle of not knowing what to do and this feels uncomfortable to you stop and listen to yourself, listen for a while to the chatter of your mind, that begins to talk, what seems uncontrollably.   Listen and use it as an opportunity to love what arises within you, notice that it is the mind doing what it does best by thinking its way into action.  However, action is what fills space, doing rather than feeling what the next course of action is for you.


It is time for your inner world to get the attention that it deserves.  It is time to meet yourselves with self-love by accepting yourself no matter where you are and what you feel.

Candice Lemonius is an intuitive guide and channel for spirit, she has a background in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy. Candice offers healing, wisdom and guidance through private sessions, workshops, blogs and also through music. Join the Medicine for the Soul Newsletter for regular energy updates. To contact Candice you can email