QA – Why do I loose consciousness during ASM meditation?

Question about ASM meditation submitted by Jasbir Singh - 'Hi I've been doing this [ASM meditation] everyday - since Monday. The first 3 days I hear about 1st ten minutes then completely loose conciousness. I'm going so deeply inwards. I feel flutters on my face like butterfly wings. I'm seeing colours, shapes, images flashing past me. So I've actually heard the full meditation until yesterday .

I listened to the whole video consciously. Is that normally what happens. My dreams are also profound and significant. Thank you. X'

I decided to answer Jasbir question question at a detailed level, as many participants have similar experiences. It is beneficial to understand what happens during ASM meditation, even if it is not required to reach a deep meditative experience. My goal is to teach about spiritual dimension of life by helping you to have your own unique experience, not by talking about what it should be. Your life journey is unique, because each of us is unique. We all have different life paths, different goals, different beliefs. As you change your conscious focus of what you would like to achieve and you keep your mind opened, you would transform your beliefs and subsequently your life. If you don't allow different experiences to enhance your understanding of this life, you could easily lock yourself in repeating the same patterns, believing that you discovered all life secrets, but may be rather all its limitations. Yet even than it would be OK, as you have a free will and you can choose limitations over freedom. The first step leading to conscious creation is to recognize that your life is created by you and there is no external power granting you any favours or preventing your happiness. It also might be initially quite irritating to see more clearly negative events in your life and your own participation in this creation. But when you reach this point of understanding, you will start unfolding a higher purpose of your life.

There is no required belief system in Altered States Meditation. You are free to believe in whatever you want to believe, but as you go through your deep personal meditation journey, all your discoveries could help you to modify your belief system, release energy blocks, which in turn would transform your life.

My goal is to help you to become free from limitations to become fully opened to your true potential. As Abraham said (channelled by Esther Hicks) – you can never achieve 100% and you cannot achieve 0%. My goal is tohowever be in those higher numbers, as simply this is when I enjoy my life more. Even if you decided to limit your potential in this lifetime, you still will receive benefits related to this life experiences at the energy vibrations level of your inner being. Unfortunately you will not recognise it until you pass away. If you become a conscious creator, you simply will benefit in this life experiencing more joy, happiness, love, friendship, financial abundance, through experiences of this physical life. It does not mean your life will be perfect, but it would become better and better as you move higher in your vibrations.

Some people expect that there should be some higher goal to aim for, a set of rules guiding their life to a higher purpose. What would be this higher purpose however? Isn't it more enticing to discover your own higher purpose through your experience? Not as a replication of somebody's believes, but your own discovery of your purpose in this lifetime. Many feel that you should be told what to do, how to live, what to believe in. What if you are to discover in your own unique way, your path aligned with your gifts, your dreams and your capabilities.

I asked once my Guides - what is my higher purpose in life? They answered – 'learn and enjoy the process'. It sounds simple and easy, but isn't it sometimes difficult to learn and even more to enjoy it?

ASM meditation has multiple levels, my voice can be easily heard and analysed by you, yet there is a higher vibrational level embedded in this meditation, that cannot be heard, but can be experienced. It simply comes from who I am and creates a resonance with who you are. Usually you can feel this higher energy vibration during the meditation. If you allow yourself to immerse deeply in it. Please do not focus on how it happens, but rather focus on what you feel, focus on being opened to connect to many levels of who you really are. I am not creating your journey. I am just helping you to discover different levels of who you really are.

You are a multidimensional being. You are focused right now at the physical level and your brain is well trained to interpret those vibrations as physical reality. For many this defines forever the level of their life experience and as they would deny that there is more, they simply are forcefully closing their eyes to avoid feeling those higher vibrations. You choose whatever is the level and depth of this life experiences. There is one thing you can be sure about. You are an evolving, spiritual being and you cannot shut your eyes forever.

There are other non-physical vibrational dimensions of who you are. When you access those vibrations, initially your logical mind may decide that it is something outside of your normal experience and to protect youl it turns off consciousness. However Altered State is a normal state of mind, just not encountered often due to focus of our civilisation mainly on physical existence. You are well trained by your parents, teachers, friends, society, to ignore everything outside of commonly recognized experiences. When you sleep, you also enter Altered States, but you are not conscious most of the time, except of some cases of Lucid Dreaming.

When you work with ASM meditation, in addition to my voice that helps you to relax, you also connect to a field of higher energy vibrations that I consciously create. This allows you to easily reach higher vibrational Altered States. After some time of ASM practise, you will be able to do it on your own. Initially your brain might struggle to translate those vibrations into a meaningful experience, as you simply have not that much experience in doing it. You might see different colours, shapes, feel energy vibrations, etc. It is quite common to reach a very relaxed state, when you come back to physical reality. You might also feel sometimes physically tired later and this may last for up to 24-48 hours. If you do feel tired, it usually is the result of releasing energy blocks, which your body signals as tiredness. However after releasing blocks, you should have a higher level of energy and increased enjoyment of life.

As you practise with ASM, you train your brain to interpret those vibrations in more meaningful ways. You may receive messages from Spiritual Masters, visit different vibrational realities. Still it is a translation of vibrations into something meaningful. Physical reality is also a translation, but as it became your primary language of existence, you became very used to it and consider it to be 'real'. Everything you see, touch, experience, feel, think is just vibrations translated by your brain to create your physical life experience.

ASM meditation works for everybody, but you can shut yourself down from this experience, if you have a very rigid belief systems or you try to control it. When you control it, you could project an illusion of real experience or just have no meaningful experience. Sometimes conditioning by beliefs is so strong that it may take quite a long time to change it. However if you would not give up on reaching deep ASM experience, you would relax, focus on breathing and my voice and allow the experience to come to you without trying to control it, it will happen.

As you move deeper into Altered States, your experiences will become even more interesting. You can visit and receive information from your Guides, Spiritual Masters, become a Healer or a Channel, etc. You can reach places where people go after death, visit past lives, connect to your ancestors or visit different vibrational realities. We all have capability to do it. Some people have specific gifts allowing them to explore aspects of it very deeply, but we all truly have no limitations. If there is something you really want to experience, develop your skills, it will happen, at the speed appropriate for your life path. There are no shortcuts on this path and it happens when you are ready to receive what you wanted. We all are healers, channelers, simply spiritual beings having physical experience.

I could write more about it, but a simple answer to this question leads me on a very long journey related to human evolution, to what is ahead of you and to what you truly desire.

ASM is a natural and a safe method of spiritual development. I am not using anything else than your natural capability to reach higher vibrational state and my own personal gift to help you to achieve it. There are no bi-naural beats, sublimal messages, drugs, etc. I just use hypnotic techniques to narrow focus of your mind on your jurney to allow higher energy vibrations to guide you on a journey of self-discovery. What you discover is an important part of you. It is a gift, your herritage, a miracle of life and your spiritual evolution. Some people may be scared discovering their own power, There is no one to blame, no dark forces conspiring against your ethernal light. There is only the truth of your soul, the alignment with your inner being, to discover your amazing gifts and your own, higher purpose of this life.

Love and Good Vibes,