During remote session you will receive important information from your Guides and Spiritual Masters supporting your progress on your life path. Here are examples of questions that you might be interested in:

What I do not see clearly, that could improve my life?

What I planned to achieve in this life?

What are my special spiritual gifts that I could develop further?

What energy blocks I should release and what might help me to achieve it?

What type of work is aligned the best with my life goals?

What would help me to manifest a partner?

What should I do to improve my relationship?



Please prepare up to three questions for one session. The Infinite Non-physical Intelligence answering your questions will only give you the information that would benefit you at this time. Asking when and how something might happen usually will not be answered, as it will simply happen when you raise your vibrations and are ready for it. You submit your questions by email and I will enter a deep ASM Channeling state for about 1.5-2 hours and I will receive answers for you. It is different from a psychic session, as you will receive information directly channeled from your spiritual guides, without additional interpretation. You might receive an amazing insight and recommendations and even as it depends on your free will to implement it, at the minimum you will increase understanding of the best options available to you. You will have a scheduled appointment time to call me and receive this information.

Health Scan and Energy Healing

It includes a remote health scan. After the remote session I would review with you which area of your body requires additional attention. During the scan I will perform advanced energy healing, to bring back natural balance. Energy healing modality is unique to my work and was developed using the information channeled from spiritual masters.

Some small problems you might be experiencing today could grow in time, like internal organ deficiency, parasites or amoeba infection, etc. Amoeba infection becomes more common and large cities water supply may have some pipes containing amoeba, even in cities you might think are safe. It is recommended to drink bottled, distilled or boiled water, unless you are absolutely sure that your local water supply is safe. Small, local water supplies are the safest choice, but water supply in any large city might be affected.

If needed recomendations on diet changes and use of other healing modalities would also be provided. In some critical cases an emergency medical care might be recomended.

You can choose a channelling, healing session or an auragraph. Auragraph provides you even deeper answers in relation to your life path and current energy level and also includes a personal remote reading.


Auragraph is a visual representation of your life path and your spiritual gifts. I paint it with water colours and ink pencils on a high-quality A4 watercolour paper. You could meditate later focusing on this image to connect even deeper to the essence of who you really are. This allows you to further develop specific aspects of your energy. Your auragraph might change in time, as you transform your life.

During the auragraph reading, I will contact your guides and explore your aura, the energy field around you, where all the information about the past and the present is stored. The aura can be sensed as colours, shapes and symbols – through them it is possible to open the window to deeper layers of your soul.

You are loved and accepted unconditionally, so the painting is without any exception, full of love and encouragement. It contains very important information to guide you on your path.

Auragraph can be your long-term friend or it might help you to resolve a particular problem. You could hang it on your wall and meditate on it.

You send me your contact information including your address and we will set the date and time when you could meditate for about10 minutes. I will perform a remote reading that uses this point in time to start creating a visual representation of your aura.

Personal call
I will contact you to schedule an appointment to review your auragraph. We can get more insights into the picture and the messages during our 30 minutes conversation.

I will send you mail with your auragraphic painting.


Special prices valid until  31.12.2019

Channeling session £49 or €55, $63 (regular price £69)

Healing session £49 or €55, $63 (regular price £69)

Channeling and Healing Session £69 or €77, $88 (regular price £99)

Auragraph painting with Channeling £119 or €133, $150 (regular price £149)

To order please send email to: 

ilona333channel at

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'Ilona not only helped me understand what it is to have a Universal team but the importance of tuning in and appreciating their constant presence and guidance. I felt enlightened throughout my experience with her and from the information she was able to so clearly mediate to me. At the end of our remote session, I felt extremely appreciative that I had met Ilona and and overwhelmed with excitement for the future and whatever my journey may bring as I have my Universal team supporting me every step of the way.'

- Maya S. London 2018

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