Channelled Message from The Collective


A message from the collective:


We wish to talk to you about love.
We are going to point your attention to the love that is within you, the love that is often covered over with things, of activities of the mind, with emotions, that direct your attention elsewhere.  You may in fact see these things as distractions that occupy your attention, these somewhat distractions are reflective of the things that exist in the shadow of your inner being as love, as light.  Come into your power, by coming into yourself daily, you do not magically just feel good by doing nothing, there is a need to actively begin to manipulate your world. And we say manipulate without any stigma attached to it, but to manipulate your world in such a way that you begin to form it and shape it in the way that you wish.  There are many of you who are riddled by guilt and fear, and although you stand in a position where you know that these things are not real, that these things are not representative of where you really stand.   Nonetheless these things come quickly like blowing wind, through your being.  Begin to allow these things to just be, do not try and push them away, instead come to a place with your self each day where you begin to come deeper and deeper into yourself where you go beyond the emotions that are getting your attention.  And as you travel deeper and deeper into yourself you will find peace, for peace is at the centre of your being, layer after layer as you strip them back as you peel back the onions of the illusion, onions of the emotions that do not serve you, that do not feel good, that are outdated but your body still remembers, the more you peel back these things the more you will come close to the centre of your being.
Life is beautiful indeed, there are so many beautiful things to see, hear, smell, taste, experience if you are present to know when they arrive.  When you bring your attention elsewhere onto the things that you do not want, these will be the only things that you will notice.  However, when your attention is on your inner world, the inner world that goes beyond each layer and deeper into the peace and solitude that is within you, you become blank, peaceful, empty, behaving as the observer of your inner world and thus, more able to notice and reflect upon the beautiful things that come to you, the things that you consider to be beautiful.


This was a channelled message brought forth via Candice


Candice Lemonius is an intuitive guide and channel for spirit, she has a background in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy. Candice offers healing, wisdom and guidance through private sessions, workshops, blogs and also through music. Join the Medicine for the Soul Newsletter for regular energy updates. To contact Candice you can email