Free Remote Global ASM Transformation Workshop – Easter Sunday 21st April!!!

This is a global event, accessible through Internet.

After a short introduction you will deeply immerse in Altered States Meditation to clear chakras and release energy blocks. ASM helps to access high vibrational states in reasonably short time. If you decide to ask for assistance from your spiritual guides, it will also be provided by non-physical energy. As you enter deep ASM state, your will be safely supported and protected by Spiritual Masters working with us.

A few participants may receive messages from their spiritual Guides channelled by Ilona after the meditation.

This workshop is free and accessible using Internet meeting software Zoom. It is recommended to install Zoom on your laptop or phone to maximize your experience. Please install Zoom before the meeting and assure that your microphone and camera is working properly. Please enter your name and nickname to assure unique handle for this workshop.


London UK 19:00 BST

Helsinki Finland 21:00 EEST

Los Angeles USA 11:00 AM PDT

Workshop Link – first install Zoom and join the workshop on 21 April:

Please register on Facebook Event page (you might not be admitted without the registration):

Meetup groups also registered for the event:

This workshop will require about 2.5 hours of uninterrupted time. Please make sure that your phone is set to silent or disconnected, your Facebook friends cannot call you, etc.

If you wish to work at a later time on your own process, we recommend scheduling a personal reading with Ilona, followed by ASM private transformation session with Edwin. This workshop and private sessions can improve your relationships, give you a new understanding of your life purpose, increase your manifesting power, improve health and assist in personal healing. Please follow tabbed links to channelling and private sessions:

Altered States Meditation

Every single soul that incarnated on Earth, has something to heal and release, to move into higher vibrational state.

We both are sending you energy of Love and Healing.

Edwin and Ilona


If you are in California or Nevada and you could offer some help for our visit, please contact me by email at edwink1111 at subject “ASM CA”. We will be looking for accommodations for about 1-2 weeks to start our trip, car/van/RV rental for 2.5 months, camping equipment, etc. We could offer in exchange private channelling sessions, ASM healing and transformation sessions, Past Lives readings, etc, or simply financial compensation.

Please invite your friends to join Easter ASM meditation, in particular if they are located in USA.

Zoom Configuration:

Click on the meeting link listed above at least a few days before the scheduled workshop. Please download and install Zoom by clicking the install link on the greeting screen. If you have old Zoom version, please upgrade it.

Please test camera and microphone before the meeting. Please do not setup Zoom in the last moment before the meeting, as after cut off time nobody will be admitted. If you have any problems please contact me at least a day before the workshop – edwinr1111 at – subject “ASM ZOOM”.