Personal Private Session

A private session with Edwin could help you to transform your life, or to learn some new skills like channelling. It can be used to improve, manifest new or release negative impact of previous relationship, improve health, reach healthy weight level, release addictions, heal your relationship with money, heal ancestor linage, understand better your life path and life choices, improve your performance (mental and physical), transform your life to invite happiness and love.

Sometimes all you need is a single push, to move in a new direction. When you work just by yourself it might be a difficult task, as you are too close to the main subject, which is you. I could assist you in releasing energy blocks, past lives agreements likes vows of poverty, releasing karma through your intention. There are many ways to release karma and in my opinion if you reached higher level of consciousness, you can progress faster in this way.

Many magical transformations happened after those sessions. A person with a fear of public speaking, became a fearless speaker. Her personal relationships improved and the level of joy and happiness in her life has increased dramatically. A person that was close to terminate her relationship, transformed it to a higher level of happiness. Another person who could not pay a house rent, in 4 weeks after the last session made enough money not to work for 4 months. A person who did not leave her house because of some fears started work with international travel company.

To create a similar transformation, you need to release energy blocks preventing the improvement and change the focus of your logical mind. It requires your own commitment to support this transformation. You created the current situation over many years of your life, so it may take a few weeks, or months to change it.

During a private session we will first review what you would like to accomplish. After that we will work together on creating transformation using energy work and tailored ASM meditation and we will discuss how you could refocus your logical mind. This would allow your dreams to materialize rapidly, if you stay focused on your goals.

After the session you might experience a very deep peace and relaxation similar to samadhi. Some people that release very strong energy blcoks could experience for up to 36 hours tiredness, which will be replaced later by increased energy level.

Special Offer valid until 31.12.2019
  • - A remote private session using Internet or phone call (it works the same as a direct session) - £49 or €55, $63 - 1.5 to 2 hours (regular £69)
  • - A private sessions at your home - £75 or €86, $98 - 1.5 to 2 hours (regular £89)
  • - A couple remote session (increase love and connection) - £59 or €67, $77 (regular £79)
  • - A couple session at home - £99 or €115, $129 (regular £129)

To inquire or schedule an appointment please send email to edwinr1111 at with subject PS.

Private Session