Retreat in Greece

17-25 September 2016

This retreat has ended, but there is always a new one coming. It was an amazing experience with a beautiful group of souls. We took a group picture (some people went missing in action) and later we could see amazing orbs flowing around us. One of them was the biggest orb I have ever seen. I did see similar orbs in a photograph of a holly cow I took in India, but this one is larger and more clear. I believe orbs represent our connection to a higher realm.


Magnified orb:


Experience deep enjoyment of life sharing meditation and beauty of nature in amazing, ancient healing energy of Mount Pillion. Half of each day is dedicated to a deep meditation, with remaining part of the day to enjoy the stunning beach and local trips. This workshop could change your life by helping you to release your energy blocks, changing how you think and opening new opportunities in your life. There is no single belief system that is required and you have the freedom to decide how do you want to manifest your future.


The cost is very affordable starting at £415 (depending on exchange rate and selection of your room) and includes transformational workshop, accommodations in a beautiful hotel and some tasty vegetarian food (please allow for some incidental expenses).

'I joined Edwin's Greek retreat last year and I was blown away by the beauty of it all... the deep meditations which relaxed us and connected us all to our spirit guide... the convival trips to the beach and places of ancient beauty and wonder... and the healing energies surrounding us all Mount Pelion is an incredibly special place that has a hold on my heart now... the water is pure and cleansing, the air is filled with herbs.. plants and flowers grow abundantly, inspiring us and giving strength to the concepts Edwin weaved throughout his retreat... It was truly a blessing to attend and I hope to (return) one day, soon' Bayari

To check availability and to reserve a spot please send email to edwinr1111 at - with subject: 'Greece retreat'

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