Stress Release

Those sessions are designed to assist in releasing work related stress and promote a deep relaxation which triggers natural body healing. During group sessions participants immerse in a gentle, guided relaxation allowing them to reach a state of enhanced well being.

I worked for 20 years for largest corporations including Oracle Inc., Yahoo, UPS, Verizon, Aventis, Marriott, Bayer, EMC Corp. and I understand very well the impact of stress in work environment. When it is not recognized and released it decreases performance, causes health and personal problems. As I worked for over 25 years on relaxation and meditation, I developed many techniques helping to release the stress and open to a new level of enjoyment of life. Implementing this program as a part of work environment would clearly set the company to be on the leading edge of care about it's workforce. As there is more and more pressure to compete and achieve results in the work environment, in place of neglecting it lets work together on finding a solution. It will increase personal productivity, communication and respect between employees, will prevent or resolve conflicts and in longer term would support company operations beyond what is currently possible.

Any organisation can participate in this program. You provide the place for the session and I will create the event supporting relaxation and enjoyment of life for your employees.


Special time limited offer:

The first two sessions are free. After this I charge £195 for 1 hour session or £149 for mini 30 minutes session. I recommend longer 60 minutes session, but even 30 minutes would be beneficial.
There is no limit on number of employees attending the session. For large gathering a sound system is required.

To enquire please send email to edwinr1111 at with subject 'Stress Release'.