Thank you to all beautiful souls that provided testimony after my workshops. It should help you to understand how these workshops could transform your life. You can find more details on dedicated workshop and meetup group pages. Here is a link to reviews posted in Spiritual Events - Meditation, Manifesting, Healing.

We have 3 meetup groups in London, retreat in Greece during the summer and workshops in winter in India Arambol. Our meetup groups have close to 5 000 members. 

In Arambol Goa India we had weekly meditations and private sessions by appointment.

We had a week long retreat in Greece 18-25 September 2016 MANIFESTING, HEALING AND GUIDANCE - OPENING TO LOVE. The natural beauty, ancient healing energy and stunning and nearly empty beach all contribute to amazing transformation power of this retreat. It is a hidden gem mainly known to locals.

Starting in 2019 I plan a series of workshops in California. If you could offer any advice, pointers to event venues, spiritual Eco communities, etc., we will deeply appreciate it. I am alss looking for a book publisher.

The links to our London Meetup groups:

Testimonials from London workshops, remote sessions and retreats

I had a private session with Edwin and it was miraculous. I experienced a deep shift in my relationship, which changed beyond recognition into something richer and deeper and more meaningful and my friends have commented on how happy and contented I seem. I heartily recommend Edwin. He is a truly gifted and wise healer who has dedicated himself to helping others in a generous, kind and thoughtful way. Jill, London
— Jill on Apr 7, 2017

Wonderful Energy, it was like i had a big energy boost of being happy. I enjoy relaxing with the group and raising my vibrational energy. I had a great time. Thank you, Edwin. X
- Cas Lake

Edwin is a fantastic spiritual guide, I received several messages from Spiritual Masters, great vibrations and sense of flying, I look forward to next time.
- Samantha

I have attended a few private sessions with Edwin and his work is fantastic. He has helped me to relax and to achieve my goals. I admire his passion for work and am very happy in the quality he delivers. I am very happy that I know and can always rely on him to help me stay calm and happy. Thank you very much Edwin!
— Krasi Mircheva on Aug 3, 2016.

I have attended few of the meditation sessions. Since the first one I can feel that my life started changing into more positive. I think it's important to stress out that it's not an overnight change, things don't just change in a day. Just be patient and open minded; the change will slowly start manifesting itself. With time I started realising things that would probably not come to my mind otherwise. During a meditation session tips and ideas come to me,some sort of wisdom that I then apply in my life. I started appreciating life more and realised that there's more to it than just what we see. Every meditation session with Edwin is unique.He makes us feel safe and welcomed.He creates an amazing connection between us all and positive energy can be felt in a room. Beware-the sessions are so pleasant it's hard to leave home !! After each session I feel energised and happy. I can confidently say that these sessions have absolutely changed the way I look at and understand life
— Kama on Feb 15, 2016.

Dear Edwin, let me express a hearty thank you for bringing together a bunch of beautiful souls to this stunning location in Greece. The serenity of this place and the warm support from each participant as well as your guidance helped me to turn inwards and unveil feelings I haven't experienced before. I enjoyed how close we were to nature and how the sounds of the waves,the breeze of the wind,the warmth of the sun and the vibrations of the rocks made that meditation we had on the beach a truly special one. We got to enjoy the sun and beaches together - still, the day we spent inside, snuggled up under blankets listening to the rain knocking on our window were for me the most magical moments we shared as a group - filled with love,joy and laughter. Thank you for making the magic happen!
— Paula on Sep 25, 2015

I have attended a few of Edwin's meditation sessions though realised I haven't left any feedback yet. These sessions have been really amazing, the whole experience is beneficial, talking first, learning about the group before getting started and all of the information Edwin shares and discusses. This creates a very relaxed state to begin with. I have achieved the deepest state of meditation ever experienced in these sessions. Edwin is a very kind hearted, lovely individual with a lot of warmth and love to share. Make the most of these sessions while you can!
— Sharona on Oct 26, 2015

This is a powerful group. The Self-love and Acceptance workshop in particular was deeply affecting. The guided meditations can really take you to another space and there are also opportunities to really talk and think about subjects with other people.
- Olympia

A phenomenal experience! I felt the most amazing heat and tingling resonate through my hands and feet during Edwin attunement. Others had visions and audio messages but I am happy to be a feeler. Edwin is warm, kind with a great sense of humor. I'll be back for part ll x
- Sydney

Edwin is a Beautiful Soul filled with Wonderful Light Energy & a Desire to help others with his Powerful Healing!!! So pleased to meet you & see you next week! Namaste
- Mercedes

Phenomenal, Transformational, Beautiful, Healing, Love, Safe Environment, Powerful Changes. Thank you Edwin for introducing me to a greater level of expansion. I have learned so much more vital understandings for both healing of my self and for my work to help others. I look forward to Greece and the magnificent energy. Blessings and Hugs x
- Poppy

My life has transformed over the past 6 months since attending this workshop. I have experienced lots of magical and amazing things plus learnt a hell of a lot about myself during the meditations. Going regularly helped me to remain positive during extremely stressful times and manifest an amazing new job which I would never have imagined or dreamed of before. 🙂
- Lucy

I recommend Edwin to all those on the spiritual path. He has so much wisdom and a genuine open heart. He has helped me to move onto the next level and I feel so much gratitude that I have been able to participate in his workshops. His healing energy is transformational. He is a very enlightened soul. Thank you, Edwin.
- Bernadette

This is a great workshop with a great teacher! All ignite topics have been massively helpful to me In my journey to release my energy blocks, heal my heart and help to manifest what I want... Edwin's guided meditations are amazing and they have been a huge catalyst in developing myself! X
- Gillian

Working with Edwin has been one of the greatest privileges of my life- truly transformational! Open your mind and open your heart to what is on offer here and great things will begin to happen in your life..
- Miten

Dear Friends,
Last July, I attended three of Edwin's workshops, including this one. Since then, my entire life has blossomed, and it began from one insight I had from Edwin's meditations: your love of music will manifest the greatest happiness in your life. And it has. I joined a Music Appreciation Course and made new friends, I subscribed to Classic FM Romance and met the most wonderful partner ever, and my life is now filled with love and abundance of every kind. Thank You, Edwin.

- Joyce

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