Personal Transformation through Awareness

Do you want to transform your life?

If you are perfectly happy with all aspects of your life, the answer probably would be loud 'no'. However most people are not fully satisfied, because simply there is always more to achieve. Also if you live at the Ego level, it is highly unlikely that you would be really happy for any longer period of time. You might get some moments of illusionary happiness created by external circumstances, like buying a new car, starting a new relationship, or changing your job. Very quickly you might discover that your new car is not perfect and gets scratches, you new relationship is going downhill and the new job looked much better from far distance.

Why does it happen?

Because wherever you go, whatever you do, you cannot escape one important aspect – yourself. To change your life you simply need to change yourself and the external world will follow. Trying to control external world to make you happy is destined to be a total and miserable failure.

Meet an old friend - your Ego

At the Ego level I strongly believe that you cannot be happy. At this level you automatically search for what is wrong and by focusing your mind power on it, you quickly find and expand it. You start fighting with external world trying to control it into submission to your will. You tell your girlfriend that she needs to find a better job and stop talking that much with her friends, you sent your car to mechanic and you complain about your new job to your co-workers. Even your new boss seems to be as stupid as your previous boss. This is because every boss looks stupid to most of people who work for him. They quickly find many things they would do so much better than him and than complain about it.

Complaining is the sign that you are powerless. Here you are in situation with your boss, your girlfriend, your government, that is simply unbearable. If they only understood how they should act and followed your enlighten guidance, you would be happy, isn't it?

Have you noticed that you cannot control the world and attempts to do usually backfire. Your girlfriend does not take lightly your wisdom how she could improve her life, the car still has some problems and your boss becomes more stupid with every passing day. Some of my own bosses were really, really stupid, yet, they never appreciated when I shared it with them. They did not try to become smarter and were just highly offended by my advice and opinions, even as it would be so smart to accept it. In few cases when I was the boss, most likely my employees after some time came to conclusion that I am quite an idiot.

It is simply a problem with Ego. I write Ego starting with a capital letter, because it is a formidable enemy. It will twist any truth, always find new arguments, will cause you to hate or love without any good reason behind it and simply will make yours and other people life miserable. All the time you will be considered that you are right and if only other people understood your truth, the world would be a perfect place to live.

At the Ego level there is always something wrong. It is too warm, or too cold, too late or too early, people are too tall or to short, too fat or too skinny. There are some short periods of time when something is about right, but than so many other aspects of life just goes wrong. This creates a tendency to try to control and manipulate life, which other people quickly pick-up and another level of Ego born conflicts will open up.

To have a happy life, you need to rise above the Ego level and live at the heart level. You cannot achieve it by fighting with Ego, as what you fight against will just become stronger. You need to accept every part of who you are including your Ego and fully integrate it into miracle of consciously living human. When you achieve this point in your life, most of unpleasant problems will disappear, because you will be focused on what you enjoy and you convert Ego from your boss into your valuable assistant. When you start working on this transformation, it may seem to be an impossible task. You will fail many, many times, often not noticing that you are making some slow but steady progress, but you will notice that your Ego hijacked you to take another trip of being right about something. However one day, if you will not give up, it will change. There will be no pain or fear, no need to be right, no conviction what is the right solution for the world. You will look back and you will say – 'yes, it was worth it'.

Of course some of you might give up on reaching the higher level of existence, because it is so much easier to stay where you are, complain about the injustice, about your girlfriend, your boss, your life... However in the big picture of your evolution, it simply does not matter. The way the soul evolution is designed, you will not be able to escape evolving to a higher vibrational level. It may however take you many, many lives to achieve it and you most likely will experience some deep suffering in this process. Simply because the law of attraction will give you more and more of what is wrong with the world, until the moment you will have no other choice than to transform your thoughts, to be able to handle it.

I deeply admire teachings of Abraham channelled by Esther Hicks – thank you so much for this gift rising our vibrations and awareness. Abraham said that he deeply enjoys working with people who have terminal illness. They reached the point when they are standing with their back pressed to a wall dividing life and death and unless they fully embrace the transformation, they will move to the other side. In fact both solutions set them free. Just not knowing what is behind this wall, makes it for them very scary.

So your desire to achieve freedom, happiness and higher vibrations will be satisfied in one way or another. However I believe that it is so much more fun to move to a higher level in this life, without hanging onto suffering and unhappiness.

Transformation through Conscious Awareness

There is a number of important processes supporting rising your consciousness and transforming your life.
Emotional consciousness
Observer technique
Positive conscious thought processes
Awareness and mind focus
Releasing/Updating your belief system
Ignoring/Replacing reality using flow dreaming manifesting techniques
Living at the heart level

Emotional consciousness

Emotional consciousness is based on Abraham channeling by Esther Hicks. Sometimes I have personally pleasure to talk with Abraham through channels I am training or receive from him and many others very deep inspirations. So this writing is really shared with non-physical intelligence supporting me on my path.
The essence of this technique is awareness of your emotions. Most of people tend to disregard emotions as some strange aspect of their human life referring all decisions to the logical mind and in most cases Ego. They tend to see emotions as something that we should fight against and conquer and often project from Ego how they should feel, rather than just feel it. However your emotions have huge value, not only deepening your humanity, but also presenting a clear indication for your decisions. The relation between thoughts and emotions could be defined in this way. Your belief system and Ego generate thoughts and decisions in your logical mind. Your thoughts create feelings. Your feelings manifest your physical experience.

When you have negative emotions, you should immediately pay attention to your thoughts. It is simply a compass indicating that direction you are taking is not aligned with your highest good. Your inner-being remains in the vortex of positive energy and you feel negative emotions of separations from your inner-being. Your inner-being will never join you in vibrations that are not aligned with your highest potential.

Therefore simply paying attention to how you feel is an invaluable compass allowing you to detect if your thoughts are aligned with your highest potential. So often they are not aligned and it is your responsibility to understand and search for better options in your life. If you cannot find an option that feels good, than you simply ask for inspiration and give yourself some time to receive it. You stop thoughts that create negative feelings, as it is damaging you in many ways.

Connecting to your real emotions allows you to find a path in life aligned with your higher life purpose. You do not need to ask a psychic what you should do, just pay attention to how you feel about it. Imagine selecting one option, than another one and just feel the difference at emotional level. It is very simple and if our civilization has not insisted on giving unlimited potential to logical mind and associated with it Ego, then we could create much better life on planet Earth.

Observer technique

It is based on technique channelled by Eva Pierrakos and well described in her book – 'Pathwork of Self-transformation'. You create in your mind an observer that takes notes of what happens, without any judgement. This allows you to find the real reasons behind your thoughts and actions. You accept everything for what it really is without judgement and than decide if it represents you, or if you want to transform this aspect of who you are.

It is even more valuable as a tool, when you do become very angry, as you will uncover the what is the source of those thoughts. The source might be a few years old inner child saying that it will rather break it's toys, than share it. When you notice what creates your thoughts, you will set yourself free.

Positive conscious thought processes

You have a power to focus your thoughts in specific direction. As you rarely use it, your mind is not very skilled in applying it. You have automatic thought patterns coming from your subconscious mind related to your believes, which push you to recreate your life as it is now. Everything in your life is a reflection of your creative power. Therefore as you create your life, you might as well manifest it in conscious way. It is the same effort, just different results.

The tool I developed is a mix of mantra and work with subconscious mind. I named it a positive mantra.
Subconscious mind in a normal state of being mind, evaluates everything to be true or false. If a statement is judged false, it is discarded. This is why repeating something 10 000 times, does not make it true. If you do not believe in it, it is simply rejected.

However subconscious mind is not that sophisticated and mainly is using intonation of your voice to decide if it is true or false. If you say the first part of a sentence, which you know is true and shortly after that you slide in the part you want to be true, subconscious mind will accept the whole sentence as a true. You just need to use the same intonation and tone of voice and put into it some positive energy and belief. Just mechanically repeating it has much lower value, but it still would create some positive effect.

After you say your personal, positive mantra, you create a small break stopping your thoughts and feeling the change in vibrations. If you did it properly, you should feel positive energy raising after your statement.

Example of a true statement: My name is Edwin

Statement that I want to be true (use time in the now – as you already have it at the energy level):
And abundance is flowing to me at all levels of my being.
And I am loved and supported by the Universe.
And I have truly amazing girlfriend that loves me very deeply.
Full example:
My name is Edwin and I am loved and supported by the Universe.

You can record it and if you hear your voice breaking up, lack of enthusiasm, lack of energy, it means that you still cannot easily convince your subconscious mind. Keep practising until it works well.
After you finish the sentence, feel the energy it creates. This energy is what manifests your life. Usually you can feel a very subtle, quiet, positive vibrations, if you do it right. If you do not believe in it, you will feel it too.
You can say positive mantra quietly in your mind when walking, commuting on a bus, waiting in queue. Use those opportunities to practise creating the positive energy in your life.

Awareness and mind focus

Through Altered States Meditation you can dissolve your energy blocks. Energy block represents your belief limiting your options in life. For example lack of money, love, friendship, partnership, enjoyment of life are all external manifestations of your personal energy blocks. Belief creates thoughts, thoughts create feelings, feelings manifest your life. Repeated thoughts create belief reinforcing the same patterns happening in your life. After your energy blocks are dissolved using Altered States Meditation, you need your own conscious effort to focus your thoughts on positive aspects of life, otherwise you might recreate your blocks.

Use positive mantra technique to focus your mind. As you practise this technique, you will create automatic thinking that will be repeating your mantra in the background of your mind, rather than negative thoughts. When you discover it, you are on the right path.

The Universe always supports me and everything that happens in my life leads me to hwat I really want, to higher level of being...

Releasing/Updating your belief system

Altered States Meditation helps to release energy blocks and discover limitations created though personal believes. The next step is to use your conscious awareness to support this process. There are important parts of awareness, that could help you to create personal transformation. Positive mantra and mind focus allows you to replace negative thought patterns that created your previous believes with new thoughts. Your believes are created by your persistent thoughts. This is how you program your subconscious mind to manifest your success in life rather than failure, after you cleared energy blocks using Altered States Meditation. You could create new opportunities in your life, without limiting it by a belief of how exactly it should unfold.

Ignoring/Replacing reality using flow dreaming manifesting techniques

Reality is very powerful. Many people struggle with it. Sometimes they can bend reality for some time in a specific direction. A well known example would be Steve Jobs. When he started Apple, the company nearly went bankrupt a few times. Many people gave up on it, but not Steve. In his mind he was successful and the reality did bend as he manifested it.

He planned to use the same will power to deal with his health. However here reality was a formidable enemy. Not only he could hear words of doctors condemning his plan to overcome it without using the modern medicine, he could experience the worry of his family and even more feel the weakness and pains of his body. This reality was imprinting every day very deeply in his mind the current status. It could not be ignored by sheer will power and potentially it did lead him through the transformation into another reality. Death is not the end, it is rather a new beginning. You become free from all the problems of physical word, but very often you decide to come back to resolve previous problems from your past lives. So death by itself is not a magic solution and it is much better to heal and transform your life right now.

To replace current reality, you need to simply ignore it and focus on living in your dream world. Do flow dreaming excercises as often as you can. The best time to di it is after waking up or before falling asleep. Just exist in the reality of your dream flow and  through it crete positive emotions that fuel desired tranformation of your life. You create your life through your thoughts and generated by it feelings. Why not to create what you really want, rather than recreate what you already have? Wouldn't it be more fun?

Living at the heart level

For a person that lives at the Ego level, it is very hard to understand it. Even as I explain it, the Ego quickly looks for what is right and what is wrong with what I wrote. It looks for logic and ignores the emotions. Based on current society values, it is easier to live at the Ego level, as most people do it. When you move to the heart level existence, the Ego person will not understand you well and even less approve your life style. You also most likely will feel very tired in the presence of the Ego centred person, as an enormous amount of energy is spent on controlling the outcome, judgement and proving who is right.

Arguing about it is totally pointless. For every argument you might have, Ego will bring 5 new arguments proving it is right. As the last attempt to win, it will even conveniently forget about what really happened and will present its own version of events. To be free, to live a happy life, you need to ascend to heart level focus.

How to recognize that you are at the Ego level

You always want to be right
You argue about what is right and what is wrong to death
You always notice how wrong are other people and you judge them
You might feel a victim of the system, parents, partner, friends, or just the society
You extensively use your logical mind and project through it, what you should think, feel and do
You use your mind to project feelings that should be right for you, rather than feel what is right
You worry about everything including lives of other people
You are afraid of what could happen and what might go wrong
You have many doubts about everything in your life and often worry about results of your own decisions, evaluating them continuously

How to recognize that you live at the heart level

You understand that nobody is right or wrong, or rather that everybody is right in some way
You focus on seeing beauty in others and in yourself
You have difficulty responding to arguments, to argue what is wrong with your partner, when your partner complains
You expect that for every situation you will find a solution and you do not plan for anything that could go wrong
You live in relaxed, peaceful mindset, knowing that all your choices are the best at the moment
You are happy knowing that your life follows your own path and when you make a mistake, you just fix it, as you immediately get feedback from your feelings
You find a balance between your emotions and your logic
You use your intuition to decide the direction you want to follow and your Ego to plan the schedule
You decide what you want to do at the heart level and you use your Ego as your assistant to plan logical steps leading in this direction

How to live

I often thought that we humans should arrive on earth with a manual – 'How to live!'.  As I could not find it, I had to develop my own booklet. It took me a lot of time to understand who I am, where I am going and even more, what I really want. The knowledge accumulated by society was not very helpful, as it concentrated mainly on 'doing things', or 'buying things', or 'using things'. But we are not the 'doings' of the Universe, we are 'beings'. To be connected to who I am at every moment of life, to understand deeply my heart desires and my logic leading me there, I had to focus on myself, on what is deep inside of me. It helped me to recognize the beauty of this world, understanding deeply that I co-create it at vibrational level, though my mind focus, feelings and me own vibrations.

When I started to live at the heart level, using my Ego as appreciated helper, my life truly changed. It does not mean it is perfect, as it never will be truly perfect. There is always aother level to find, as we are neveer done here. But it is really, really, really good, full of love, friendship, enjoyment of life, beauty of nature and human souls, peace and quiet reflection through meditation ...

I live deeply, free of worry, fear, free at the depth of my heart knowing that nothing will last forever at this physical plane of existence. I treasure every moment, knowing that I will do the best I can with it and one day I will just go back home, having no regrets about the past and fully owning my mistakes and my successes. There is no limit to what each of us can achieve here, so this ascension path ends only when you go back home... I am and you are free, to experience this life fully at it's best, the way you designed it coming here...