I choose

I Choose.

 I share this creative piece with you called “I choose” inspired by you, inspired by me, inspired by all that I see. I hope you enjoy! xx


I choose to see you as you truly are


People are beautiful, they are sensitive, sensual, loving and so much more..


Naive and innocent but also wise and powerful, self sufficient.. Divine


 I choose to see you as you truly are because I have seen the beauty in me


Beyond the masks, beyond the shame, guilt and pain, I have seen who I truly am


I have seen that in sensitivity, I am the most powerful, I am the most loving, compassionate, I am true to who I am at my core


That beyond the stories about who I believe I or others should be, beyond this, we are all undeniably connected, weaved and intertwined


I choose to see you as you truly are because it feels better


I choose to see me as I truly am because it feels easy, it feels easier, than being something I am not


Layer after layer I have peeled back, who I thought I was, and as each skin falls away, I feel lighter and lighter


There is less that I feel I have to prove for ultimately I can see that beyond the matter I am me, simple, an extension of many infinite possibilities, which are all ok


So I choose to see you as you truly are because I can now see me for who I truly am, whoever that may be..


I choose to love

I choose to be grateful for every moment, for it is oh so precious

I choose to seek the sweet nectar in every aspect of my day

I choose to choose

I am possibility and I exercise my free will and right to choice.

I choose.


Author: Candice Lemonius


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