Re-programming of the mind and connecting to your Inner Guide

It is easy for others to tell you how to live your life and what will be best for you. Connecting to your own inner wisdom will change your life. We have all been subject to imposed beliefs and ideologies of the world, programmed to function in the world and fit into an already formed system. Living in this way has disconnected you from the source of your being, you are not your job, nor are you anything else that someone else has told you that you are or should be.

Programming as a child

When I was in Jamaica, there was a young boy who I would play with; I did suspect he had some of the characteristics associated with ADHD, which I will explore from a spiritual aspect in a future article. He is a very active boy and always seems to be in his own world, one day I decided to give him my complete attention, I got down on the floor to his level and I began to observe him in a very meditative state with no judgment, it was then that I realized the game he was playing. Play. It seems adults have forgotten what is like to play.

Part of this little boy’s game involved making karate noises and attempting to kick me, I soon realized that he was also playing many different characters to what seemed to be his own movie. I began to enquire about what he had been watching and we soon figured out he was recreating what he had watched on TV. In this moment, it really dawned on me how important it is to be tentative to what we input into our children. As this boy makes attempts to kick me, his mother will scold him perhaps out of shame or whatever other reason, yet it is important to become aware, that what our children express is a True Reflection of what has been inputted into them. This is life, and we are all a product of generations and generations of programming, it is important to remember that we all do the best that we can do, so if you are a parent there is no need to feel guilty or ashamed about this.

Programming begins when you are very small; it begins in the stomach, before you have formed. Programming is in fact a set of belief systems that have been passed down through societies, cultures, families, religions, the list goes on, any institute that has formed with such force that creates beliefs that effect the outcome of your life. Profound isn’t it?

A child is like a computer, he or she enters the world as a blank canvas, we teach the child all we know. The traditional way of living has been about us as the parent, giving the child everything that we know, however this leaves very little room for exploration and play. The act of play stimulates the Essence of the Soul, and Allows, for the Soul to Emerge from the Child and for you to see who he or she is rather than projecting onto them what they should be.

As the Soul of the Child emerges, you will begin to even see yourself clearer, as this child will be reflecting a Truer Version of you. You see, programming which is inputting the same information over and over again across generation to generation, in result creates the same thing over and over again. It is like a continuous cycle. The Child represents Creative Source Energy. One who is blank in order to create his or her own reality; this is its Existing Right.

Living from the Soul

We all have the possibility with the quickly evolving consciousness to begin to live a life that is directly from the soul. To clear away old belief systems and programming that has been clouding your judgment that comes directly from the soul. The body is a remarkable specimen; it has the ability to contain so much. It is like a big storage room that has an unlimited capacity.

Through the process of making choices from the existing energy of past pain and suffering, you create a pattern, a sequence, a habit, and a program. The problem is the energy of pain and suffering does not feel good, yet this emotion is still stored because there has not yet been any conscious awareness that this is energy needs to be let go off.

When you begin to clear the old and stuck energy, it is almost as if you are uncovering the many layers of past programming and are releasing them as an aspect of the past, rather than of something you are forming in the present. As you begin to clear away these old and stagnant energies, you will uncover the Essence of your soul. You will begin to create your moments as the small child from the aspect of the blank canvas, which is in full engagement with the present moment.

The soul is free. The soul is creative. It is Source Energy. When you begin to live from the soul, you are in fact living from your Authentic Self. This is why the clearing away of old programs and beliefs that are not in alignment with what you wish to create for your present moment and the ones to follow, is so important. It is like trying to create something fresh and new without first cleaning your paint brush, of course you will still manage to create a masterpiece, but think of what you can create with a brand new set of paint brushes, a blank canvas. Think how your experiences could be more enjoyable, once you are able to let go of negative energy that is in fact blocking you from having more positive and aligned experiences.

You begin to move towards living from the soul when you choose to release what is no longer serving you and choose to align with your natural vibrational state as love and light. Love is a healing energy, and this is who you are at your core. You are a beautiful extension and manifestation of love, it doesn’t matter if you can see yourself as love or not, you are love and it just is.

Re-programming the Mind

The process of re-programming the mind can be condensed and understood through 3 simple processes:


Self-awareness brings about the search to become more aware of self, which thus begins to reflect to you, the patterns that have been programmed in. This will be seen through your interactions and the way in which you engage with your experiences.


Once things begin to surface, it will become clear what is blocking you through any resistance, which usually has the effect of making the experiences tenser and feels less enjoyable, it may also be reflected through wanted to avoid or ignore what is arising. There must be a willingness to release the pattern that arises to the surface, and acceptance of its existence.


Once there is a willingness to release what is blocking you, then the re-programming process can begin, you can begin the process through affirmations, which are extremely powerful. Affirmations are “I AM” statements which declare what is to be, it is a bit like when they say God said “Let there be..” it is declaring what you want to be. This is where you engage with your power to re-create your life.

i.e. “I am healthy and well. I am loved and supported.”

Also, in flow of the willingness to release what is blocking you is aligning to clear the blockages energetically, which can be done through Reiki and Altered States Meditation (ASM).


The Keys to your Existential Freedom are inside of you..

It is important to know that you have the keys inside of you. You possess the skills to unlock every block inside of you, to release it and heal it. Yet a man who is blind to himself, cannot see clearly the path that his own inner guide has carefully mapped out for himself, therefore a Guide is often Essential. Any person or energy that you see as a Spiritual Guide uses his or her sight to gently guide you towards the Light that can be found inside of you but ultimately it is up to you to do the work.

It is often said madness is doing the same thing over and over, you are not a computer, you are a creative being, it is time to redefine and create who you be!


About the Author: 

Candice Lemonius is an intuitive guide and channel for spirit, she has a background in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy. Candice offers healing, wisdom and guidance through private sessions, workshops, blogs and also through music. Join the Medicine for the Soul Newsletter for weekly energy updates. To contact Candice you can email