What is Love?

What is Love?

I think that love is another name for God or Universal Consciousness. Love is life and life is love. Have you noticed that there are only two letters of difference in the middle? As our existence starts with love and continuous in eternal circle of love energy, it makes a perfect sense.

My phone spellchecker knows it and it often replaces word love with life. On some level, it knows it really is the same thing. To live is to love, to love is to live.

What separates us from love? Usually it is Ego, its fears, projections, expectations, and attempts to control the reality. Because you are so close to the subject, which is yourself, you do not notice it. This continuous chatter of fearful, automatic thoughts, projections of what could go wrong, attempts to control others, so they would love you, this kills all love or even change it's polarity into hate.

There is one definition of earthly Ego love that is really funny and somehow real - 'love is a temporary insanity curable by marriage'.

Ego destroys love in a very persistent way. First it creates an illusion of what love is, who is the perfect object to love. Object as it does not see the complexity of human soul, but rather simplicity of its own illusionary projection, fulfilment of often very basic needs. You project what you want to see onto another being and as it is not the reality, you demand that this person would change to match your projection. When it does not happen, as it simply is impossible, the love is killed by the illusion of separation and conflict. You cannot change another being by demanding that he or she would be different. You can only change how you react to who this person really is. If he or she decides to change, it is their own task, not yours. You only can assist them on their life path, not push them.

When love flows through you, life has such vibrant colours, even more when it is reflected back. Even when it is just an illusion at the Ego level, there is still love energy you can feel and enjoy so much. But to keep it in your heart, you really need to move into 5d reality, to function at a higher vibrational level. After you have experienced unconditional love at 5d level, Ego love just becomes unbearable. What you thought was a miracle of love you have experienced before; it becomes a caricature of what you wanted. You clearly see attempts to control and possess you, constant negativity of Ego focus and all its illusions. Once you decide to move into higher 5d consciousness, into balance of living from your heart and your logical mind, you cannot return to the illusion of Ego.

Should you try than to hold onto Ego illusion, rather than step up on vibrational evolutionary scale? It is your own personal choice. However you cannot be happy for any prolonged time at the Ego level. Ego illusion of happiness, will be replaced by loneliness and sorrow. I think that there is no other choice, than to move into higher level of 5d vibrations, to love unconditionally without trying to control others into submission. Trying to hide your head in sand still leaves the rest of your body highly exposed.

Can you reach deep unconditional love in this earthly existence. As Abraham says – you can never achieve 100% and you can never achieve 0%. You are always in between. Earthly love still has some conditions, like simply a desire to be with who you love. As nothing lasts forever here, one day a separation has to occur. In my opinion, the goal is not to search for perfect, unconditional love, but just to be love, as fully and deeply as you can.

To go deeply into love energy, you need to love yourself. When you love yourself, you become your own soul mate. The most important part of being ready to love is self-love. Until you love yourself, the Universe will keep coming to help you with required evolutionary transformation. You might not like those experiences, as it often creates a lot of pain. If you can rise above the pain, you will clearly see, that those changes bring new options into your life. However you can also choose to try to numb yourself, and build a fortress defending your heart, so no pain could ever enter it's walls. But this fortress rather than to protect, becomes the prison for your heart. By separating yourself from love, you separate yourself from life and you can only wait in pain of loneliness for inevitable transition to another reality.

There is another option to deal with pain you might experience, when reality knocks hard on your door. In place of fighting with what is, you could accept it. This would create peace and all the suffering is gone. You could accept it, not because you want to stay in this situation, but because it removes the pain and it allows you to manifest a new turn on your path.

So how to find love here on Earth?

You do not search for love, you love yourself and Universe aligns love to come to you.

Soul-mate intimacy is a gift waiting for you to be discovered. Twin-flame intimacy is like going to Las Vegas. It becomes a high stakes gamble with possibility to win top prices, if you play this game of life at 5d level. The fact that you met your Twin-flame does not by itself create happiness. If you or your potential partner lives at the Ego level, your love will fall from the sky of soaring illusions, this time with so much more pain. Without deep inner transformation, reaching another state of existence, you are destined to repeat Ego failures. Except that when it happens with your Twin-Flame, it becomes unbearably painful experience, as there is so much energy that connects you both. This is why in my opinion you do not really have a choice. To be happy and live fully, you need to achieve transformation into 5d reality. If you don't the pain will force you to move in this direction, to replace it with peace and joy.

So what love really is?

I think it is the essence of the mystery of life and the Universal Consciousness. This is why you search for it, oblivious to the fact that you already have it. You cannot physically touch it or point your finger at it. It is flowing to you in every second of life freely from the Universal Consciousness. When it is experienced only from an Ego level, you will feel the lack of it. However if you were to open your spiritual eyes, you would see it in the sunset and sunrise, in the forest and on the beach, in the wind, the water and the fire, in the Moon and in the starless night. It is all around you, so just open your heart with gratitude for the beauty around you and allow love to flow in and out. Be the love you want to experience here... You are love...